The Boobart Story

My mom is a breast cancer survivor.

So naturally I became a supporter in the fight to find a cure for breast cancer. I have never felt emotionally involved in any charitable work by simply writing a check.

I wanted to make an impact in my own way, which brought on the idea of making art with my boobs (what better tools to promote Breast Cancer Awareness?). The concept, create 12 pictures and make them into a calendar, sell them, and send the proceeds to breast cancer research. Realizing it would be tough to finish all the pictures myself, I did the only thing that made sense: enlist the help of my best friends and their “painting tools”. It just so happens that both of my girlfriends’ moms are survivors as well. Lucky for me, they share my sense of humor and desire to make a difference in a creative, unique, fun way.

So we got together, I told them my idea, and asked for their help. Without hesitation, they agreed. We sat at my kitchen table with a glass of wine, paper and pen, brainstormed our themes for each month, and began to get to work. Initially I went into my laundry room where I set up a makeshift art studio and did the background of the first picture. Mixing colors on a paper plate, then with a stamping method, designed a background. I then brought it out to show the girls and explain my method. It was then that one of us suggested that if we wanted to get this done in a timely fashion, could we just “get over ourselves”, and go in the laundry room together and get things going? At our age, and with the experience of child birth behind us (9 times between the 3 of us), “does it really matter?” We quickly agreed this was the best idea. So with shirts off and bras down, the Boobart took shape. Turns out, this was a fantastic idea! We laughed, talked and inspired each other, giggled about our boobs, the paint being in places it had no business being, and in a few hours created our “masterpieces”. Some works were solo; others were a joint effort. All the paintings are imperfect, just as we are, but the result was well worth the sore nipples!

In a matter of weeks, we had the finished product. We decided to invite our friends and family for the unveiling in a way that would peak their curiosity, without giving away the actual product. Our Octobreast Fest, Ladies Night Out was scheduled for October 28th. Together we shared our idea and story and showed our calendars. The response far exceeded our expectations! The enthusiasm, excitement and support for what we have done has been amazing! We are grateful for all of the calendar purchases thus far, and for the support we have received from family and friends in spreading the idea to many others. Our original goal of donating $500 has been met and we are hoping to double that amount soon. This is definitely going to be an annual event. What a joy it is to be able to give to such an important cause in such a unique way. Knowing we are making even a small difference is all the inspiration we need to continue our mission. Only God knows what the future will hold for this abstract idea that started in a laundry room.

The Boobart Babes have more creative ideas in the works that we are hoping to bring to you in the very near future! Thanks for supporting us as we continue baring, sharing and caring.

The Boobart Babes

Sandy, Susan and Tammi